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President’s Rally 2020

President’s Rally 2020

On Saturday, 15 August, 12 diehard rally-ers showed up for Prez Andrew’s annual President’s Rally. The Flu, Flew, and Flue theme kicked off, appropriately, from the Airplane Restaurant before the rally clues hied us off into the hinterlands of eastern Colorado.

We learned a lot from the clues, such as that WWI pilots flew without parachutes, Ray Brennan died of Legionnaire’s Disease, the Heinkel 178 was the first turbo jet aircraft, Eagles Nest Ranch gives you an aerie feeling, the Owl’s Nest loves painters, and kids were innoculated against polio in Pittsburgh. Whew! Our brains were full and our phones got a workout, as did our heads as our necks were on a constant swivel to look for answers.

We saw some beautiful countryside – Falcon, Elbert, Elizabeth, Franktown, and Castle Rock – as our route took us to out-of-the-way places. Lunch at the Wild Blue Yonder was excellent as we sat on the patio and sampled the brews and menu items. It was a great day and we were all winners. Judy and Charlie and Tom and Joyce tied for first and took away whiskey and wine. Gene and Linda came in third – good for the novices! And Henry and Sylvia came in fourth with a great gift card. Many thanks to Prez Andrew for another innovative, imaginative, and inventive rally. Can’t wait for the next one!

Check out all the pictures on our Facebook page at MBCA Pikes Peak Section.

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