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June 2023
Jun 17
17 June 2023

Spring is here (sort of) and Andrew is all fired up for his annual President’s Rally. This year, we’re headed out of town on a leisurely tour of our beautiful countryside (no turn-by-turn directions this time). The theme is the number 3. The answers to the clues can be acronyms …

July 2023
Jul 15
15 July 2023
Steve Dierks’ House, 2381 Shrider Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80920 United States

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, where the heck the car wash is? Winter will be a not-so-fond memory by then and left its residue on our beautiful star cars. Time to spit shine them back to their “star”-ified glory. To that end, we’ll be gathering at Steve Dierks’ …

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