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Mountain Glory Days Weekend

Mountain Glory Days Weekend

The Rocky Mountains sure lived up to their billing on our Mountain Glory Days Weekend last month. We had 26 attendees from all over the Rocky Mountain Region – Albuquerque, Mile High, and Pikes Peak Sections joined together for camaraderie, good food, good drink, beautiful scenery, great driving, lots of history, and of course, shopping. We started off bright and early and went up, up, and away across Independence Pass before descending into Aspen and Basalt and our hotel.

Out hotel fronted the Frying Pan River. The setting was beautiful and peaceful with rushing water to drown out city sounds. We exchanged stories and got better acquainted over drinks and snacks before adjourning for dinner.

We were on the road to Redstone Castle early the next morning. We learned about how the castle came to be built and how the founder and his many wives were able to create the Victorian masterpiece that remains today. After our tour, we made our way to Marble, home of the famous Yule Marble Quarry (Lincoln Memorial and Tomb of the Unknown). Some of us were lucky enough to discover the Marble Cutting Symposium in progress in the forest along the river. Cutters were plying their trade and creating some of the most amazing sculptures. It was a privilege to talk to them and learn a little about their craft.

Our weekend adventure rounded out with dinner and more hospitality before heading for home early the next day. It was a perfect weekend and it was all put together by Karen Absher.

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