Mercedes-Benz Club of America
In Memoriam

In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Charlie Bennett

October 22, 1946 -- December 7, 2020

Charlie Bennett

Past Pikes Peak Section President and Rocky Mountain Regional Director as well as President of the MBCA Educational Foundation.


  1. Bill Kasper

    I’m so sad to hear about Charlie. He will definitely be missed. Judy, I’m sad for your loss.
    I’m so shocked, I don’t know what to say. I hadn’t read “Round the Benz” until today. I feel blessed to have known Charlie.

  2. Mark&Jacque

    We thoroughly enjoyed Charlie’s hospitality and conversation at Christmas parties! Both he and Judy are great people; Charlie we hope you are flying your BUFF somewhere in blue skies. Until we meet again!

  3. Max & Diane Townsend

    Charlie was one of a kind. Always friendly and willing to share an antidote or story. He really loved people and always wanted to make a person feel at home at any of the club events. We will really miss him! The Pikes Peak section pot luck will never be the same without him!

  4. Karen and Clark Absher

    We loved Charlie – so much fun. Such a delightful person. We will miss him so much.
    A real trivia information buff. He had great stories. He adored Judy and you could just tell he loved her with all his heart. A great family man. He was such a key person with the Mercedes section and always was there for the club. Charlie always gave his all!

  5. John Haven

    A friend invited us to our first Tops Down event and that is when we met Charlie. He was warm, outgoing and really excited about the MB club. We joined the club, we look forward to the events and talking with Charlie. We will miss him — as will many — I wish we had more time with him before his “farewell drive”.

  6. Hans Matthiesen


    Your world has changed forever. It’s lonesome without him but you will cherish all the memories filled with happiness and love. We always remember what we love most.

  7. Cindy Matthiesen

    Let Charlie live on in the hearts of Judy, his family, and all his good friends. There are so many happy memories, good times, and much laughter. He taught me if you find a bear in your garage a sure way to get rid of him is to slap the bear’s bottom.

    RIP dear Charlie

    Cindy Matthiesen

  8. Michel Degen

    Dear old frends from Colorado.
    I am very sad to hear from the death of Charlie.
    I have very good memories from my time in Colorado in 2009 to 2010. I hade always a seat in the car from Charlie and Judy. I will say thank you for this time, and wish you power for the future.
    Michel Degen

  9. Ron and Carolee Seifert

    We first met Charlie at the Golden Aspens event in 2018. He made us feel like we were old friends. He was fun and had lots of stories to tell, our last visit was in Frisco and I enjoyed our last evening visiting with him about his days of playing golf. We will miss our Colorado friend.

  10. Stan Bixler

    Charlie will be missed by many of us. I will miss his jovial nature. He was always upbeat and willing to listen or provide a response to your question. His loss was so sudden that none of us had the opportunity to prepare for his passing. Judy lost a great man and I pray that she can live with her many memories of both their military lives together and their retirement years. Rest in Peace Charlie.

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